Sofa Upholstery

Sofa Upholstery Singapore| Upholstery Singapore

Sofa upholstery is a process where we fabricate a sofa, turning it into a piece that not only bring comfort, but to embrace the aesthetic looks of the home. With a mix of craftmanship and quality raw materials like wood, Pu foam and springs, upholstery is crucial for everyone’s comfort. 

Fabric Types

There are a wide varieties of fabrics for our clients to choose from and these fabrics are generally manufactured and weaved from Belgium, Taiwan, Malaysia and China. 


A link of esthers within fibers, polyester is the most commonly found content in modern fabrics. Widely known for its strength, it has evolved generations to a mixture of other content to achieve a durable, smooth and soft fabric for sofas and beds. 

cotton & linen

A popular choice due to its coolness and softness, both cotton and linen will add an additional soft touch to your home and they are widely sought after to fabricate cushion and pillow covers.

pvc leather

Often mistook as PU leather, PVC leather is highly recommended as an alternative to Genuine Cowhide Leather, due to its durability and similarity surface as cowhide. While it has its disadvantages such as higher absorption of heat, PVC leather will not tear or has its surfaces peeled off, unlike PU leather. 

genuine cowhide

Without a need to introduce much, cowhide leather has a wide variation of finishing, for our local market. Due to its high demand, cowhide is considerably compared to other fabrics. For those genuine cowhide sofas that we seen in the market, there are plenty being made using half leather, which means the surfaces that will come in contact with our bodies are upholstered with cowhide while the remaining parts are being covered using PU or PVC leather, depending on where its fabricated.

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