Bay Window Customization


“BAY WINDOW need not be a redundant space anymore with customization. Whether be it using cushions, customized headboard, we will be able to render a range of solutions for you. 

Countless Design Combinations for Custom Bay Window Cushions

Custom bay window cushions will not only give you a comfortable place to enjoy the view with your morning coffee, but they will also enhance the style of your room by utilizing fab

rics in the color and style that fits your home best. Bay window cushions can be ordered in any size to precisely fit your space, and Cushion Source’s hundreds of fabric offerings will ensure that you’ll find something that is a treat to your eye.

Trapezoid window seat cushions

Bay window cushions are most often trapezoid-shaped. If your window seat is rectangle or not symmetrical, please design your cushion from the selection of window seat cushion styles.

Superior quality

When made with high double rub fabric, your bay window cushions will last through years of sunlight, spills and use. Although designed for outdoor use, Sunbrella fabrics are soft and stylish enough to use indoors. Sunbrella fabric is solution-dyed acrylic and is built to endure the elements. It carries a 5-year warranty against fading from the sun – an important factor when your trapezoid cushion spends its time in front of a window. Sunbrella is easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for families who risk spills and dirt marks from children young and old.

You may choose to design your trapezoid bay window cushion with or without decorative buttons, and you may choose from several fill types to find the style that suits your needs best. You may also add ties to your new or replacement bay window seat cushion so that it will stay in place.


Apart from using cushions or composite wood for bay window, a much better solution will be the usage of Granite for bay window.

In getting one of the granite tops you can be rest assured that you have something for your Bay Window that will go on for years to come and will be able to maintain its shine and glazed look for long. To add to the above features there is another merit that definitely can’t be ignored and is the fact that the granite in question is a black one, a colour that even though quite a few use in as home decor,mingles really well with other colours. Thus it is able to retain its individuality and  complement the accompanying home decor at the same time.

Cost of Bay Window

We do charge a cost of S$28 – S$ 55 per foot run for all cushion bay windows and cost are inclusive of fabric, 2 1/2″ high density foam with crowning. The range cost is due to the type of fabrics being chose.

Do let us know your budget range and we can customize the choices of fabric for your home. 

Any other queries? Feel free to contact us @ (65) 9827 3327